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5th and 6th Grade

5th and 6th grade are taught through a shared teaching approach.  Each class has a homeroom teacher.  Students switch classrooms for some of their subjects in efforts to prepare  them for higher education.  Mrs. Wright teaches Language Arts and Science at both grade levels and 6th grade Social Studies. She also is the 6th grade homeroom teacher.  Mrs. Hellmich teaches Math and Religion to both grade levels and 5th grade Social Studies. Mrs. Hellmich is the 5th grade homeroom teacher.  

            We find this shared teaching approach serves as a perfect transition from a self-contained classroom to a subject based learning environment which most middle and high schools utilize. Students are prepared for any educational path they may take after SMS, both academically and spiritually.  Students establish firm roots at SMS, yet are given opportunities to “spread their wings” through project-based learning, community service, and leadership roles.    

            5th and 6th grade students are given greater responsibility not only as students but as citizens of the school.  They are established as role models for other students.  Value and morals development are fostered as these students fill these roles. 

Language Arts

Novel studies are used in the literature curriculum. Daily writing encompasses narrative, opinion, and informative writing.  Grammar is taught through the writing process.



Math journals are used to encourage higher level math thinking


Art is a used in the Religion curriculum.  Students observe, analyze, and create art in ways that deepen their understanding of Christ and his teachings.

5th Grade: Courses

Science/ Social Studies

Social Studies takes students from the ancient world to the modern world.  Students explore the world around them through geography.  The Science curriculum is enhanced through the use of monthly kits from the Indiana Science Initiative which provide students with hands on student led discoveries.



The 6th grade year is rich in traditions that all students look forward to partaking in including May Crowning, CYO Camp, May Day, graduation, and much more.

5th Grade: Courses
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