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1st Grade

Our first-grade curriculum strives to foster the spiritual and educational growth of every child.  Blended learning is used in the core subjects which is learning through small groups, technology, and on their own.  Lessons are differentiated based on each individual student’s present levels to optimize their educational growth. 

Students become gradually more independent in 1st grade.  All students are valued and their education is customized to fit their individual interests and goals.  Each student is acknowledged for their progress and accomplishments both academically and socially.  

Students are shown to use the world around them as a learning opportunity.  Curiosity is embraced and used to lead lessons. Students are provided immediate feedback as a way to empower them to keep learning and achieving. 


Language Arts

Blended learning is used to assess where 1st grade learners present levels are in reading and writing and then works to grow them from there.  Phonics is incorporated to aide emerging readers.   Interactive notebooks are used to provide students with a means to organize and take ownership in their learning.  These notebooks also work to reach many different learning styles.


Students expand and enhance their early math concepts with the use of math notebooks.  Students use manipulatives to make math concepts more concrete.  Student lessons are differentiated for each Math learner.



Students explore their faith and grow their relationship with Jesus through an art-based religion program.  Students observe, analyze, and create art in ways that expose them to Christ’s teachings and relate it to their daily life.

1st Grade: Courses

Science/ Social Studies




Mini Economy

Students explore science questions through a mystery science program that involves hands on experiments and interactive technology.  Students explore current events in the world around them for Social Studies by utilizing the Weekly Scholastic News.

1st grade is 1:1 with touch screen Chromebooks.  These devices are used to enhance blended learning and aide in virtual and e-learning.

Students are taught about our society and being good citizens through a mini-economy system used all year long in the classroom.

1st Grade: Courses
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