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"Basically... St. Mary's has felt like family since the day we stepped through the doors. Every preschooler knows every older student and teacher, and vice versa. They build relationships that they will carry all the way through high school, and that starts on day 1. We may not be of the Catholic faith, but I value an atmosphere of learning that is still centered on Jesus. Fostering faith in my daughters is made exponentially heightened by our St. Mary's school family."

"[My child] is loving his new school!! Very thankful for St. Mary's!"

"I am able to drop [my children] off [at St. Mary Catholic School and Preschool] and feel at ease knowing that the amazing staff is there to take amazing care of them while they're there... that's HUGE for this mama."

"Our school feels like home."

"[My child] has come home EVERY DAY and reported it was a 'GOOD' day and is genuinely excited about the happenings in her class and at school. For that, I'm ever grateful!"

"I love how laid back the atmosphere is and how Mrs. Wells is there to greet everyone in the morning! It meant a lot to me as a parent [to see] the leader of the school personally holding the door for each child. I look forward to the relationships [my child] will build as he settles in more."

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