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3rd Grade

Our 3rd-grade program strives to help learners make the transition from learning to read to reading to learn.  Students make the transfer from a lower grades student to an upper grades student.  More responsibility is entrusted to students accompanied by understanding and support to aide this change. 

Students are met at their level.  The importance of making learning fun is still of great value.  Positivity and encouragement are modeled to create an upbeat and outgoing classroom environment.  Students in third grade can be seen singing, playing, and even dancing with their teacher! 


Language Arts

Students are met at their reading level and challenged there to continue their growth in reading and writing.  Students are exposed to many different types of reading and writing each and every day.  Spelling patterns are explored and daily writing is integrated into all subject areas.


Students partake in an interactive and differentiated math program.  The program is hands on using manipulatives, games, and exploration to support math concepts.



Students further their understanding of Jesus and form a relationship with Him through a program that has built in art and scripture studies.

3rd Grade: Courses

Science/ Social Studies

Students learn about our government and citizenship through the study of current events.  Science is taught with the use of experimentation and exploration.



Students are 1:1 with Chromebooks which are used to enhance blended learning and aide with virtual and e-learning situations.

3rd Grade: Courses
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