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4th Grade

The 4th-grade curriculum provides students with a balance of challenge and support.  Students are encouraged to grow, while still being provided the guidance and encouragement they need.  The curriculum incorporates the most current and appropriate technology to prepare students for their future education.

An inviting learning environment is provided.  Each student and their individual needs are both visible and valued.  Students learn about classroom expectations and respect for fellow students.  

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Language Arts

Students explore all types of literature.  Novel studies allow students to fully immerse themselves into all aspects of reading.  Grammar is made fun with the use of jingles and hands-on activities.  Writing is taught through real life applications.



Students utilize technology, games, and small group interactions in the Math curriculum.



Students grow their faith with daily prayer.  Students dive into the Bible to grow their faith and understanding of it. Bible verses and stories lead lessons.

4th Grade: Courses
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Science/ Social Studies

Both Science and Social Studies curriculums involve hands on engagement. Project based learning is incorporated as well as exploration and experimentation.


Fun Facts

Fun facts are incorporated into the learning to excite learners.



4th grade students are 1:1 with Chromebooks which are used in daily instruction as well as for virtual and e-learning.

4th Grade: Courses
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