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6th Grade

The sixth-grade curriculum is geared toward preparing students for the transition to middle school. Students are challenged while still receiving the guidance and support needed to succeed. Students also are given extra responsibilities as the oldest in the school, such as posting the flag each morning and helping with other needs as they arise.


Language Arts

Students explore a variety of literature including short stories, poetry, and nonfiction studies including Ancient Greece and Rome, inventors, and Civil Rights. Students also will read portions of abridged versions of classics such as The Illiad and The Odyssey and Julius Caesar. Grammar will cover the Indiana Academic Standards. Writing studies will explore the purposes of writing and allow students to write for a variety of purposes and audiences.


In sixth grade, the math curriculum works to balance conceptual understanding, procedural skills and fluency, and application. It does this by balancing lessons that develop understanding and procedural fluency in tandem, so students can easily apply what they have learned to new situations. The skills covered range from computation and number sense, ratios and rate, algebraic thinking, geometry/measurement, and data analysis.

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Studies focus primarily on the Old Testament as well as Sacred Scripture in general. Daily prayer, as well as saint exploration is incorporated as well. Students will help lead the May Crowning as well as lead songs during some weekly school Masses.

6th Grade: Courses
6th Grade: Courses


Hands-on activities as well as student exploration is highly integrated in the science curriculum. Experiments are done almost daily, and students record information in a science journal. Students are tested over science during ILEARN in the spring.

Social Studies

Studies are focused primarily on world history starting with ancient civilizations going all the way through near-modern times.  Students also review landforms, continents, oceans, latitude/longitude, as well as map skills.

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